About Us


About Us

Hello, I am Jayeetaa Mukherjjee. Being a Certified Master Numerologist & Vastu Consultant, I am the owner of Cryptiic Luck where I magically discover a hidden fortune within you. Although based in Kolkata, India; I serve hundreds of my clients not only in India but also from around the world. My unique conversational consultation style resonates with today’s scenarios. It has the best solution for any Numerology & Vastu-related issues. Whether it is related to Health, Wealth, Relationship, Marriage, Career, or Overall Success; the problem can be diversified but the solution is one and it is very effective. I have helped numerous Business owners and Builders to boost their revenue through the successful implementation of their Numero-Vastu plans.

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My Journey

I have a bachelor’s degree in Business Management and experience working in MNC located in India and London, U.K., and Toronto, Canada. I have worked in some of the world-renowned boutique stores where I mate people from all around the world. I got familiar with diverse cultures, different ethnic groups and gathered those pieces of knowledge, which later on I nurtured into deep research and related with the science of Occult.

For the past 10 years, I have especially focused on providing Numerology and Vastu-related services as a Master Numerologist & Vastu Consultant expert. If you found me via Google search, then you know I must be doing something right. What I have done for myself, I can do it for you as well. Advise you in any matter and significantly convert your life by discovering the hidden fortune within you. 

Working on your behalf, I will learn what your life is all about, what are your exact problems, where you are facing the obstacles, what your prospects are, and of course, keeping your dreams alive (retaining all information confidential). Then I will apply my immense knowledge to advise you that meets your goal/requirement.

You will get an enthusiastic, charming, personalized service that will meet all your expectations and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your work will get done properly, on time, and within your budget. Your project is important to me, and I look forward to developing a long-term relationship with you.

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