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Vastu is a magical procedure to transform “Nothing” into “Everything”. And this “Everything” becomes so important in life when Vastu is the science behind the demonstration.

Vastu is nothing but the art & science of performing best in all favourable and unfavourable conditions of life. To get the optimum output from life one must have a clear and holistic perception of Vastu. It is the ultimate wisdom for total well-being and the holistic wisdom of Vastu is essential for every one of us.

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A Vastu Conscious Lifestyle Key to A Fulfilling Life

Want to boost positive energy in your home? The best Vastu Consultant, Jayeetaa Mukherjjee, is at your service. Be it your home, office, factory, or any other place, Cryptiic Luck will help you to make the right kind of energy radiate in your space. At Cryptiic Luck, we understand the link between the art of Vastu, which is healing, and your homes in good vibes. As the leading Vastu Consultant in Kolkata, we have made it our priority to offer you Vastu services after proper and accurate research.  Vastu expert, Jayeetaa Mukherjjee, enlists different ways in which you can bring balance in your home and other spaces.

As the top Vastu Consultant Enterprise in Kolkata, Cryptiic Luck will guide you through creating the best version of your world and helping you cope with the negativity around you by erasing them and healing your surroundings and spirit.  A Vastu-conscious home or office design will enlighten you physically and spiritually.

Jayeetaa Mukherjjee Best Vastu Consultant In Kolkata Giving Tips

Vastu specialist Jayeetaa Mukherjjee and her company Cryptiic Luck believes that the main entrance to your home or office is not just an entry point for you or your family, your office staff but also brings positive energy. We will work out how you should construct your main entrance, keeping in mind the energy aspect and making it look appealing. As one of the top ten consultants in Kolkata, we have a dedicated team of experts who would guide you through the process of Vastu to pass joy and happiness to your life. Also for the existing main entrance, we will rectify the problems and energies with positive elements. These elements will as an energy enhancer, bring good luck & fortune and protect from any kind of evil eye.

Jayeetaa Mukherjjee, Well Known Vastu Consultant In Kolkata

Jayeetaa Mukherjjee will explain to you the basic principles of Vastu shastra.

According to Vastu shastra, there are five elements in the world. They are the Sky, Fire, Air, Water and Earth. Vastu is a cosmic science of balancing these elements in the proper proportions for harmony. When these five elements are in the proper place, they support the person to achieve greater success in life.

Vastu shastra is also a behavioral science based on the energies of the directions. In Vastu shastra, the Vastu of any piece of land or a house is calculated according to four main directions, i.e. North, East, South, West and four sub-directions: Northeast, Southeast, Southwest and Northwest.

The Brahma sthan is considered to be the centre of the plot. It is the focal point of all the energy. This is one of the most important points of consideration in Vastu.

As the leading consultants in Kolkata, the company will give you easy and genuine tips before building a new home or property.

Complete Vastu Direction Guidelines Provided By Vastu Consultant In Kolkata

Jayeetaa Mukerjjee, with her expertise, can help you to identify the house-facing directions. She can also tell you how to identify sub-directions in Vastu. The key to a perfect Vastu-designed house is determining the four primary rules with the best placements. You must seek help from the best Vastu Consultant in Kolkata.

Modern Techniques Applied By Premier Vastu Consultant In Kolkata

We at Cryptiic Luck believe in applying modern methods to determine your Vastu problems and provide solutions accordingly. The remedies for Vastu correction, which we, as leading Vastu Consultants in Kolkata, offer, are simple yet modern. We provide solutions at a very comfortable and reasonable rate. As we all know, home is where the heart is; naturally, we want a space filled with positive energy. Jayeetaa Mukherjjee makes an extra effort in offering you simple modern techniques of Vastu to create an environment that engulfs good vibes.

Cryptiic Luck - Vastu Consultant in Kolkata, Eliminate Obstacles

A Home or any other spaces we are attached to can give out several spiritual vibrations. Leading Vastu Consultant Enterprise in Kolkata like Cryptiic Luck can help you improve the spiritual vibrations of your home and other spaces through various methods, one of which is aura cleansing. According to Jayeetaa Mukerjjee, this can result in positive effects like increased financial security, the relationship of those living in the house will improve, and help to eliminate obstacles.

Designing A Vastu Home With Best Vastu Consultant In Kolkata

In today’s modern world, many families avoid adopting traditional Vastu rules and stick to modern methods. We at Cryptiic Luck offer you a blend of modern and traditional techniques that suit your style and personality. As one of the leading Vastu Consultants in Kolkata,  we believe in guiding you with simple, convenient elements that can enhance harmony and positive energy in your home or office and make your life peaceful.  The belief in Vastu shastra focuses on the positioning of each room, so at Cryptiic Luck, we help you take account of your floor plan.

We will suggest which place is best suited for a puja room or which area or direction your water source should be. We can help you out with measures for your home without demolishing the part which emanates negative energy. We will guide you while keeping your house intact.  For a fulfilling result, contact Jayeetaa Mukerjjee, a Vastu expert who has extensive knowledge about Vastu studies. She can carefully take you through the journey of correcting Vastu of the spaces that are close to your heart.


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Common FAQs

There is no good or bad time for a consultation, however, the best time is “Now”. You should fix Vastu related issues as quickly as possible and not spread the negative effects of Vastu within your premises. Even though you don’t live in that property or even if you stay there as a tenant, still the negative energy from that property will affect you.

That depends on the type of premises you have been living in. If you have been living in a house with bad Vastu and have shifted to a house with good Vastu then it may need some time for you to feel the positivity. That is why I recommend remedies made with earthy elements to start working and provide you with results immediately.

If you have finally found that you could live or work in a certain property, why not have it assessed according to Vastu before finalising the agreement. With the help of Vastu, ensure financial stability is fulfilled and make you successful in every aspect. Also, it helps to cut down all the negative energy and protects your house/office entrance from wicked energies.

All remedies are customized, based on your name & date of birth and made with key earthy elements. My recommended remedies are less expensive and within an affordable range. Remember not everything is made for everyone, and these remedies will provide you with a lifelong result.

You can consult with me through email or Online/Home Visit. Those of you interested to consult with me regarding your Store, Office, Business or Land; submit your request with premises information and directly book an appointment with me for an accurate Vastu analysis. 

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