Vastu tips for Perfect Main Entrance || Prosperity through Main Door


Main Door is important elements in Vastu


  1. Always you have to place a light above the main entrance. It should never be in dark.
  2. A broom or mop lying at the entrance of the house causes quarrels in the house.
  3. Remember, there should not be any untidiness & unorganized smelly shoes or slippers lying near the main door. It attracts negative energy. Keep them at a distance or in a closed cupboard.
  4. Main door of the house should always be bigger than the other doors and make sure that it has two doors.
  5. All door of the house should always open inside, so that positive energy remains inside the house and all the windows should open outsides.
  6. Dining room or table should never be directly exposed to the main door as it causes dissatisfaction in house.
  7. Make sure no cracking sound when opening the door. Grease them periodically to keep them noise free.
  8. Your door should always be rectangular in shape. Don`t make square or half round shaped.
  9. The number of doors on each floor should be an even number but not ending with zero.
  10. Never sit or work in a place where door is just behind of you. Hence you increasing the difficulties or problems in your work.
  11. Once you open the main door, there should not be any mirror facing towards the door.

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