Vastu tips to reduce your Work-From-Home Stress

It’s been a year and a half since people are locked up inside their homes because of the pandemic. This has consequently led to a new lifestyle and routine called Work-From-Home mode. It was everything new for all of us who were used to go out every day for their desk job or otherwise. Soon the initially- okay-phase turned out to be super stressful often hampering productivity as well. It is not always possible to jump out of the bed and show up with 100 % energy at your work desk, especially if it is at home in the middle of a myriad of other distractions.

Therefore, we have mentioned some of the most effective Vastu tips given by the Best Vastu Expert in Kolkata that can help you to bring more positivity, concentration, and productivity to your Work-From- Home setup. These tips will essentially help you to attract peace and positive vibes to not only reduce stress but channel productivity at work.

Location matter in house

To begin with, you should choose a corner or a specific place which is situated in the southwest part of your home. You can also select a separate room for the home office in the west direction of your home. Make sure that you are facing towards the northeast, east, or north direction whenever you are working. The ideal home office should be spacious, sufficiently ventilated with adequate light coming in. Do not keep any unwanted papers, stationery or furniture in your room. It is always a wise idea to keep trash or unused items away from your rooms.

Position of the set-up

You should ideally set up your workstation in a place or a room that does not have any type of obstruction or distractions. Always place your work desk in a room that does not have a door right behind your chair or a balcony near you so that there is absolutely no disturbance while you are working. You should look for a silent place for a home office as it will increase your concentration and ensure maximum productivity.

Placing of the work table

Your worktable should have all the essential stuff on it that you will need throughout the day. It is crucial to place the table in the right spot so that you can work attentively. Placing the work table in the southwest direction is great for making financial decisions and for your career growth.

The shape of the table

The shape of your work table also plays an important role in bringing more positivity and peace at work. Make sure that always choose a solid wooden table of the right size without rounded corners. Avoid using pointed shapes like triangles and opt for rectangular or square-shaped tables. This will help you to keep everything organized on top of the table and make things look less cluttered.

The colors around

The interior style of the home office should be painted in neutral colors. You can choose from light tone colors like cream, yellow or green. These will help to keep you motivated and fill you up with positive energy. Steer away from dark shades as it can have a major impact on mental peace and cause work-related distress.

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