5 Vastu Plants for Positive Energy and Success

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When we plant a seed, we also plant new hope. We hope for a place that will be green and injected with a higher dose of peacefulness. The science of Vastu Shastra is pertinent to plants, your home, surroundings as well as anything that is directly related to your everyday life. As you nurture a plant you grow positivity in your home as well! When you consult the best Vastu consultant, you will get to know how a specialist believes that plants play akey role in our life as these have the ability to energize our surroundings.

Apart from the common factors like providing aesthetic or releasing oxygen in the house, plants attract peace, tranquility and well-being for the people living in that environment. Therefore, the plants for your home should be chosen with outmost care and placed in the right direction. Therefore, let’s find out in the blog below about the five essential Vastu plants that can help bring positivity and success into your life.

  1. Coconut, lemon trees are considered to be good health as they brighten up their surroundings. These trees can be planted to the south or west of a garden. A sandalwood tree is also considered to be auspicious.
  2. Big and tall trees should be planted in the South-West side of your house. This is believed to bring stability and progress.
  3. The holy basil plant, also known as Tulsi in India, is considered to be the most pure and auspicious plant according to VastuShashtra. The Tulsi plant has a strong spiritual energy, which enables it to emit positivity. The east or northeast direction of the home is ideally the preferred choice for planting a Tulsi tree or sapling. The rotting or withered leaves should be immediately discarded as it can be counterproductive.
  4. Bamboo plants are known for bringing good luck and protect the peopleresiding in the house against evil energy. Bamboo represents wood and the fire is represented by the red ribbon tied to the stalk. Wood and fire represent the perfect balance of nature no matter where the plant is placed. Place your bamboo plant in the east direction if you want to benefit from its health improving aspects. If placed in the southeast, bamboo will bring prosperity as that is the direction of money and wealth. A bamboo plant should contain 10 stalks as it will promote good health, joy, happiness and prosperity.
  5. The beautiful peony plant promotes positivity energy and optimism. It stands for harmony, love and true love. The plant also has the ability to fix broken relationships erasing the fissures. This plant should be ideally placed in the southwest region when you are planning your home design.
  6. The money plant is one of the most popular indoor plants in India. The heart shaped leaves not only has aesthetic appeal but it helps to purify the air as well. Money plant should be kept in the south-east corner of the room for bringing luck and prosperity.

There are also many other indoor and outdoor plants that promote perfect Vastu for home. If you are looking for other tips regarding Vastu Shastra and in dire need of an expert to guide you in the right path, then do check out reputed Vastu consultants online, offering excellent services related to various Vastu issues.

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