All the remedies are made with key earthy elements. Which helps to eliminate negative energies and produce positive energy in your workplace, home, office. In our everyday life, we are affected by numerous problems like lack of peace, dissatisfaction with current job, monetary problems, shortage of success, lack of concentration, the fear of speaking up and many more. We often get disturbed by these issues and start thinking that there is no solution for these troubles. These remedies are easy-to-perform and simple techniques to deliver an achievable solution to all Numerology, Vastu as well as Feng Shui defects. Every individual, without any rules and guidelines, can easily perform these remedies.

All remedies are customized, based on your name and date of birth. I have created the Golden Triangle, which can help to find the uncertainties. The link between your childhood, present-day and upcoming future, consolidate together and concrete a strong solution. Whether it is related to Health, Wealth, Relationship, Marriage, Career or Overall Success; the problem can be diversified but the solution is one and it is very effective.

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Magnify Your Career Package

Helping you gain clarity, confidence and a competitive edge to stand out, accelerate your dream career and become more confident in owning your self-worth.
Basic Package Gold Package

Amplify Your Business Package

Enhance and steer in positive energies for the growth and sustenance of the business or start a successful entrepreneurship venture. Also brings all-around Success, Prosperity and Wellness to your business.
Basic Package Gold Package

Abundance Wealth Package

Money is essential for a happy and comfortable life. When you become wealthy, you are liked by all. Wealthy people always enjoy a good social status and get to achieve what they want in their life.
Basic Package Gold Package

Intensify Overall Success

Vastu helps to flow positive energy. In every building, there are 8 Vastu direction & 1 centre that plays a predominant role in deciding how you think and behave. Hence, perfect these aspects to attract wealth and overall success inside your home.
Basic Package Gold Package

Essential Educational Package

Beneficial for Education of children, improving knowledge, academic success, increase concentration and for deeper knowledge & wisdom. Creates peace of mind by connecting the mind, brain and subconscious mind. Leave behind your negative feelings, fear and doubt of failure.
Basic Package Gold Package

Relationship Reinforcement Kit

A healthy relationship is a consequence that increases the likelihood that the problems will occur again in the future. We have to understand the importance of the place value system. Remedies will help to attract cosmic links with your life partner.
Basic Package Gold Package

Home Protection Kit

Maintaining a spiritually pure home can help improve your life and your spiritual practice. Practical ingredients from the ancient science of Vastu shastra to improve positivity at home.
Basic Package Gold Package

Door Protection Kit

Protects your house, shop, and office door/entrance from the wicked energies. It not only protects but also attracts useful energies to bring fluke in your life. It is an exceptional instrument made for protection & bringing good fortune.
Basic Package Gold Package

Health & Healing Package

Fulfils your wish by transferring your dreams into reality by activating universal energy. It opens the door to a better and wonderful life for you by bringing more fortune. Balances your chakras and gives you an experience of increased vitality. Auto-corrects all sorts of Vastu defects and counteracts evil forces that create obstacles in the path of your health.
Basic Package Gold Package

Numero - Vastu Protection:

It harmonizes the internal as well as external environment to influence the intellectual mind. Just visualize that you are being showered with infinite blessings and power to understand, learn and recollect at the right time.
Basic Package Gold Package

Energise Vastu Package for Office / Store

With the help of Vastu, ensure financial stability as well as grow your business and increase your wealth. Fulfil your desires and make you successful in every aspect. Also, it helps to cut down all the negative energy and uplift your business from the competitors.
Basic Package Gold Package

Promoters / Builders Package

These essential materials are specially customized for Builders to create positive energy and favourable effects in the plot/construction site. It removes the obstacles and brings positive energy for all-around prosperity.
Basic Package Gold Package

Common FAQs

Numerology is the one & only tool that reveals your unique character and your entire life. Whether it is related to Health, Wealth, Relationship, Marriage, Career or Overall Success; the problem can be diversified but the solution is one and it is very effective.
People have mixed perception regarding Numerology. Likewise, any other Occult Science; Numerology can also help you to solve problems in your life. I can advise you in any matter, and most importantly, significantly convert your life by discovering the hidden fortune within you.
Yes, your Date of Birth can reveal important linkage in the Numeroscope. As an expert, my job is to unlatch those knots and show you the correct direction. I have helped numerous Business owners, Shopkeepers and Builders to boost their revenue through the successful implementation of their Numero-Vastu plans.
My recommended remedies are less expensive and within an affordable range. They come in a set of packages and every individual, without any rules or guidelines, can easily perform these remedies.  Depending on how crucial your case is, you can certainly get the higher package for more effective and fast results.
I do Email consultation as well as Full consultation with name spelling change (1 hr. Live Video on Zoom Call). Depending on your need, If you have specific 2/3 questions or if you want your name spelling to be changed, email consultation is the better option and you will get the report in 2-3 working days.

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